GSG Client Showcase: City of Ocoee

City of Ocoee Fire Assessment Program

GSG was engaged by the City of Ocoee (City) in to assist the City in the development and implementation of a fire assessment program using the enhanced assessment methodology created by GSG. The enhanced methodology is based on a common index to compare fire flow requirements for each building within the City boundaries and uses the relationships established in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1142 for determining the required amount of fire flow to fight a fire based upon occupancy hazard classifications and building area calculated in square foot increments of building improvements. The methodology provides a reasonable estimation of the costs of the fire fighters, apparatus, equipment, services, facilities and programs the City must have available to serve each building and these firefighting resources are directly funded by the fire assessment. In addition, GSG designed a program that provided several rate scenarios to reflect different funding levels from the fire assessments. The fire assessment program using the enhanced methodology was adopted by the by the City of Ocoee.