Government Services Division

The Government Services Division (GSD) specializes in service delivery analysis, governance solutions, water/wastewater assessments, stormwater assessments, fire assessments, transportation assessments, EMS tax assessments, solid waste assessments and infrastructure improvements. These capital programs and assessments have assisted governments in determining priorities and funding strategies that provide a consistent revenue stream to support the functionality of local governments. The information contained also enables Commissions and Boards to make critical decisions about local infrastructure and creates a basis for planning initiatives in the short and long-term.

GSG has earned a superlative reputation throughout Florida for the development and implementation of special assessment programs. We have developed and implemented more special assessment programs than any other consulting firm! We’ve helped 160 local governments fund a wide array of capital programs and over 100 fire departments determine funding solutions for fire services. Our approach has been developed for over 20 years through numerous projects involving many different Florida governments.

In addition to our funding solutions expertise, GSG is capable of providing competent, substantial evidence to support the case law requirements for using special assessments to fund the provision of fire and other services; we help write laws for special assessments. In fact, GSG has been ruled a special assessment “expert” by the Florida Circuit Courts and frequently serves as an “expert witness” for special assessment programs.

GSG offers several fire assessment methodologies, including the long-standing, Court-approved, “historical demand” methodology and the newly approved, two-tiered, “availability/protection from loss” methodology. Find out the pros and cons between the two; call us at (850) 681-3717 for a scope of services or to explore further options.

GSG is often called upon as a keynote speaker for various conferences and workshops. GSG was asked by the Florida City and County Management Association (FCCMA) to facilitate a webinar and training session on fire assessment fees. The webinar was considered by many as one of the more substantive training sessions provided in the FCCMA webinar series.

The presenter was so knowledgeable and broke the subject matter into identifiable considerations.
– Jill Silverboard, Assistant City Manager, City of Clearwater