Community Services Division

The Community Services Division (CSD) specializes in providing state and local governments with grants management services related to economic development, disaster recovery, neighborhood revitalization, housing rehabilitation, and commercial revitalization. Within those areas, the CSD provides construction management & inspection, eligibility & intake, environmental review, Davis-Bacon Labor Standards and more. The CSD has assisted over 60 governments with carrying out various programs related to CDBG, Disaster Recovery, HOME, SHIP, NSP and other supplemental programs that are leveraged with various community development programs.

We take great pride in knowing that our expert Grants Management and Community Development Services not only benefit the governments we serve, but also community residents; GSG impacts lives for the better! Every program we administer, is done so on time, within budget and with an eye on maximum community impact.

In the video clip below, see the effects of a GSG administered grant.

As Alachua County’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Administrator for the Housing Rehabilitation category, we have overseen the development of 5 rehabilitated houses and 8 replacement houses. The Hines family is one of the families that has benefited from a GSG administered CDBG program.

I want to say thank you for choosing me to help. I am blessed and happy. Everything is beautiful! Please thank everybody who helped to make my home the way it is. May the Lord bless all of you for helping me.

– Louise, Alachua County Resident, Community Development Block Grant, Housing Rehabilitation