GSG Client Showcase: City of Pensacola

City of Pensacola Stormwater Assessment Program

Government Services Group has been engaged by the City of Pensacola since 1999 to develop and implement a stormwater assessment program over a series of phases. These phases included: 1) the development of a financial plan, 2) a comprehensive review of the adequacy of current stormwater management regulations for the City, in context with Escambia County and the Water Management District, and determination of a strategic plan of action to address issues raised, 3) development of a rate model and rates, and 4) implementation of the stormwater assessment program. Since its inception in 2001, Government Services Group has provided ongoing annual maintenance services for the stormwater assessment program. GSG also created an updated web-based application for the City’s use in daily database maintenance tasks.

In 2010, Government Services Group updated the City’s stormwater methodology and rate structure, which was implemented.