GSG Client Showcase: City of Casselberry

City of Casselberry Street Lighting Services Assessment Program

Government Services Group was retained by the City of Casselberry to provide specialized services in the development and implementation of a non-ad valorem assessment program to fund the ongoing operating and maintenance costs of street lighting services in the City. The street lighting project identified two services areas: Commercial Corridor and Non-Commercial Corridor. The work effort included identifying the full cost of the street lighting services provided by the City; identifying the properties that specially benefit from the provision of street lighting services; and calculation of assessment rates. Various budget and rate scenarios were developed for each service area. In April 2008 the City Commission decided at a workshop not to implement the street lighting assessment program at that time; however, they adopted a resolution of intent in December 2008 leaving their options open to implement the street lighting assessment program in 2009 and collect the assessment on the November 2009 tax bill.

In late June 2009 Government Services Group was contacted by the City to re-initiate the street lighting assessment program and assist with implementation for Fiscal Year 2009-10. GSG assisted the City with successfully implementing the street lighting assessment program that was collected on tax bill. Government Services Group assisted the City with the annual maintenance of its street lighting assessment program for Fiscal Year 2010-11.