Government Services Group Develops and Implements Successful Fire Assessments

Government Services Group, Inc. (GSG) has been assisting Florida cities and counties with the development and implementation of special assessments since their incorporation in 1996. Designated by the Courts as “experts,” capable of providing competent and substantial evidence to support case law requirements; GSG has helped to write laws for special assessments.

The firm offers both methodologies upheld by the Florida Supreme Court: the “historical demand” methodology which uses fire call data from the department to determine which property categories use fire services and the two-tier methodology which includes a base cost for every parcel plus an additional cost based on the value of the buildings. Their knowledge in the area of fire assessments is paramount.

Recent failed attempts by others to implement fire assessment programs leaves Government Services Group’s success rate unmatched. GSG’s domination in the area of special assessments is a culmination of a perfected public notice process, in-depth knowledge of ad valorem tax roll data and the innovative use of that data. The firm has the ability to create solutions for problems that pose as stumbling blocks to non-GSG clients who try to successfully implement their assessment programs. Able to expertly navigate political waters, Government Services Group develops uniquely tailored assessment programs that accomplish their clients’ specific goals.

GSG remains not only the logical choice for any government in need of funding for fire services, but are also the #1 choice to get fire departments funded, help supplement budget deficits and increase public awareness, ensuring the proper support necessary to get a fire assessment program approved.
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